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The Higher Thinking Fund was established in 2011 by David Taylor and Shalom Andrews with an objective to support brain cancer research.

As a brain cancer patient herself, Shalom has genuine insight into the challenges of living with a brain tumour. She is passionate about advancing medical science to help current and future patients. Already, since her first diagnosis in 2006, she has seen progression in technology and treatments protocols, increasing the life expectancy of numerous patients.

There are many different kinds of brain tumours, and the World Health Organisation has broadly categorised them all as being either low grade (slower growing) or high grade (faster growing). Until recently, Higher Thinking was the only fund to support research into lower grade tumours, with an aim to prolong the time between intervention (surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy) and recurrence. Ultimately, they'd like to see no recurrence at all!

Higher Thinking supports the excellent work of UNSW Sydney's cancer research team and research initiatives by Cure Brain Cancer. 

"I'm so excited to witness the brain tumour landscape changing, thanks to the incredible work by scientists behind the scenes. I'm so grateful to our donors for their generosity. Without you, Higher Thinking, and all the wonderful work it supports, wouldn't exist.” Shalom