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The Higher Thinking Fund was established in 2011 by Shalom Andrews and her husband Dave Taylor. The fund's objective is to support brain cancer research at both the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and the University of New South Wales Lowy Cancer Research Centre in Australia.

As a brain cancer patient herself, Shalom has genuine insight into the challenges of living with a brain tumour. As well as the personal difficulties involved, Shalom and Dave have recognised the need for greater research, particularly in the area of low grade brain tumours. There are many different kinds of brain tumours, and the World Health Organisation has broadly categorised them all as being either low grade (slower growing) or high grade (faster growing). There is minimal funding for low grade tumours, despite the significant potential for progression into life threatening high grade cancer.

By supporting Higher Thinking, you are supporting much needed and specifically targeted research and we are confident that with your contribution, significant gains can be made in understanding tumour progression.