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New! Higher Thinking Scholarship for Low Grade Tumour Research

New! Higher Thinking Scholarship for Low Grade Tumour Research

Jeffey Morton is a brain tumour patient. He and is family have made possible the new Higher Thinking Scholarship for Low Grade Tumour Research which is very exciting news. Here is his inspiring story:

'I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010 after a serious car accident. I underwent an awake craniotomy and it was discovered I had a Low Grade Glioma (Grade 2 Oligodendroglioma). Since then I have had further treatment with both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I have a wife Fiona and two daughters Ruby aged 7 and April aged 5. Fiona’s father died from high grade brain cancer in 1999 so my diagnosis hit really close to home for us.

After my operation I struggled to get back to my full capacity and that led to an early retirement from my business 3 years ago. Since stepping back from work I have been able to spend time with my girls and we have been able to travel as a family which has been nice. Recently I have regained my motorsport licence and have really enjoyed being able to compete again.

When I heard about Higher Thinking Fund earlier this year I was excited to discover that something was being done for low grade brain cancer research as there are currently no novel treatments. I’m hopeful that in time the research being done by Dr Kerrie McDonald and her team at Lowy Cancer Research Centre will result in the development of new clinical trials for Low Grade brain tumour sufferers.'

The Schorlarship has required a significant financial commitment from the Morton family, for which Higher Thinking is very grateful. It means a new PhD researcher will join the team next year to assist with Ashraf's excellent work. Higher Thinking remains the only fund in Australia to address slow growing brain tumours (that have the potential to grow into high grade cancer)